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Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 01:17 AM - Forum: Garbage People - No Replies

Synaxis#0979    steals other people's code doesn't give them proper credits.

Synaxis — 01/27/2023 10:45 AM
Hi Domo I always appreciate your work on FESL codec and wondered if you could help me to make a new backend in c++ because i have your old code and i love it bro
I just wanted to compile it without visual studio and downloading tons of files from microsoft
for battlefield heroes
the1Domo — 01/27/2023 4:17 PM
you would think when people use my code they would give me credit
the1Domo — 01/28/2023 2:27 PM
so where did you get that at
oh I get it now why didn't you put my name in the credits and read me?
Synaxis — 01/29/2023 9:43 AM
Bro everyone knows bf2142, bfbc2 and heroes and p4f and bf3 and bf4 only existed because of you because you leaked the game files and even the pdb
You KNOW you are a king for me
Bro btw how the hosts had access to the files?
f.e leetservers or i3d
they had ftp acccess to ea ?

and just because I'm a decent human I will tell you how those hosting companies got accessed to the server files and it was through a dice CDN server,
https://file.dice.se/ or https://files.dice.se/ but neither one of them are available outside of the VPN anymore. but they would push updates to the game to this and then it would notify the hosting companies.  and then they would download the new files from the CDN website after being logged in and then update their push servers or whatever they were using for Logistics to update their game servers at those companies.

garbage human used my source code and didn't even add me in his readme and then told me everyone already knows Domo.
he blocked me after I didn't respond to him and no I didn't gain access to EA games through either one of those. neither one of those companies had access to the blaze server.
however I did have access to i3d  but I got access to it through EA Games emails.       
I got into a web portal application for web games they had. 
I also gained access to the Battlefield Heroes files and server and back-end plus databases to users.   

this is why I hate a lot of humanity they think they know everything yet they know nothing.
like the disrespect of using my code from Evil source which is publicly available to everyone and not even give my project credit what trash

here's the code he sent me asking me for and then got upset because I was like why is my name. NOT In the read me

my code and my original release post as well as in the code you can see he's using my framework and server platform

oh I mean trash will be trash,

when people ask me why i don't release new Battlefield files or do new work in this sector or Community this is why. so next time you wonder why doesn't Domo release new Battlefield server files because of retards like this guy,
and yes I have newer files for Star Wars and Battlefield. and source code to some of these games however people like you will never get this.

and I'll never do another public release because of people like you I don't want to get arrested and and go to jail again or get parole again for someone else to try to steal credit for everything that I have done or steal credit for my work.
FUCK  you I'm tired of that and I'll expose every single one of these retards I feel like doxing this retard as well. just deciding example so people will stop doing this you're just like crafty Cody get my help and then not give me credit but in this instance you stole my source code tried to ask me for help and didn't even give me credit you take full credit for everything do you use my research.

it's like come on guys I have no problem helping people but if you're going to release things and write read me is put my name in it. I'm not asking for a lot if you want my help make sure that my name is inside of your projects read me I mean I know a lot of you guys would freak out if people didn't give you credit when you help them so give me the same decency you know what I mean come on it's not that much to ask for like I have no problem helping people working with them but don't write me out just because you know I'm not necessary anymore

and if you're going to use my f****** code put me in your f****** read me is it really that hard I see these guys get credit to other people but like you literally using my code and your other people were collaborating over my code so you know basically give me f****** credit say it's based off the evil source code or at least a thank-you to the1Domo

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  the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 8 QAnon just why do people still believe it
Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 12:39 AM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 8 QAnon just why do people still believe it

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  the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 7 why do people participate in the active blue whal
Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 12:38 AM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 7 why do people participate in the active blue whal

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  the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 6 why do adults bully other adults?
Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 12:37 AM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 6 why do adults bully other adults?

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  the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 5 fentanyl in American drug dealers
Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 12:36 AM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

the1Domo why it be like this? sp: 5 fentanyl in American drug dealers

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  blog post 1/31/2023
Posted by: the1Domo - Yesterday, 12:31 AM - Forum: the1Domo - No Replies

H.R. 21 (118) "We are introducing this bill to make sure Democrats can't make us look bad." Like that's essentially the bill.



you can read the bill yourself this s*** is horrible'

I hate how they keep asking for more land to drill on when they literally have all the land they need they have more than enough of a drill in the area where they just need to do it stop asking for more and use the millions of Acres you already have I hate how Republicans keep pretending the reason why this is happening it's because we're not producing enough though the oil companies have the land already.

and you know why they're doing this and why they're trying to focus on this. because they want to redirect everybody from listening to all of their horrible f*** ups. like the GOP has ruined this country and they'll continue to ruin this country for for their idea that this is a Christian Nation did they reject the fact that our country was created of multiple colonies which had multiple religions and some of them didn't even have religions.

they want to pretend the Constitution was given to us by God or Jesus when really the Constitution was written by middle-aged men who had a basic understanding of everything around them not Gods but men.

I'm tired of their Jews are going to replace us or anyone's going to replace us no one's going to replace anyone we are at Planet filled with multiple people of multiple cultures religions and beliefs color doesn't matter we're all human but they just want to keep

I'm so tired of their mentality that whites are better than everyone else it's disgusting and makes me want to go up and piss on their faces

so it seems like Republicans motto is keep the poor poor.

I love how Republicans call us liberal snowflakes but in reality they're so fragile. they cry about everything and complain and claimed that they were cheated even when they rightfully lose.

Republicans cry about people of color being added to reboots,
cry cry cry Republicans you could always watch the original.

Republicans will after companies for just trying to create inclusiveness so everyone feels comfortable and happy. if you decide to add a person of color to whatever you're doing your woke according to the Republicans.

and you know according to the Republicans woke is bad cry your maga tears just like you told us to cry are liberal tears. over your special-needs man winning an election without winning the popular vote.

Joe Biden's fixing this country and they hate it it upsets them so there is going to keep lashing out~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

this is disgusting. the Republicans in the house just keep showing their true colors. we're angry about gas prices inflation because of gas prices breakdown gas prices. Joe Biden okay it releases from the from the reserve just like Donald Trump did after the pipeline's got hacked what's Donald Trump's response to that was let's get rid of the computers what a stupid response. put the GOP just loves ignoring the truth and just keeps blaming everyone else for problems that they had a hand in creating this problem

it makes sense why they're freaking out and they're trying to pass such a horrible bill it won't pass in the Senate but Republicans are just showing their true colors again

the fact of the matter is Republicans hate you and me they hate anyone who doesn't make as much money as them and they want to punish us cuz they're all about punishment mentality

seems like Republicans motto is keep the poor poor

Message #the1domo

winner of the American people going to wake up and look at what the GOP is doing and just say I'm done I'm upset. I'm so tired of their fake outrage~!!!!  and their double standards under the law Republicans love their double standards arrest anyone who isn't them

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  VMprotect blocking Protonmail?
Posted by: ShopNoveltyShapronov - 01-28-2023, 10:00 PM - Forum: The Lounge - No Replies

Has anyone else had emails from Protonmail to VMprotect get rejected or timed out?

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  blog post 1/14/2023
Posted by: the1Domo - 01-15-2023, 08:32 AM - Forum: the1Domo - No Replies

you don't see Jews outside of grocery stores telling you you're not allowed to eat pork products cuz it's against their religion

you don't see Mormons outside of Starbucks protesting saying that you can't exist cuz you're against my religion you know because of the no caffeine thing caffeine is a sin in their religion

so why do you see Christians outside of abortion clinics protesting them Christians all over the place protesting stuff because it's against their religion and they claim it's their freedom but what about everyone else is Freedom they don't care about a woman's Freedom or what her choices are so why don't you see any other religion doing this.    I've got one answer their selfish Christians are selfish and only care about themselves and don't believe religious freedom and they do not believe in America if you are a Christian who thinks that abortion should be illegal you are not an American because America cannot enforce laws for a religion we have a separation of church and state but Christians don't care
I'm just so tired of hearing Christian scream about their civil liberties and their freedom but they are willing to trample over everyone else's freedom to get what they want and I get it cuz they feel like if they don't everyone else will trample on their freedom when no one has trampled on their freedom no one took away their right to worship no one took away their rights to anything and gay people have a right to live just like you do a right to practice American values and Americans views with marriage you like it or not this is reality however you want to take away other people's freedom for your own selfish reasons like your religion
learn history and understand why Christianity why Christianity is one of the most hated religions it's cuz of this you don't see Jews Mormons Hindus or any of the others doing with these retarded Christians are doing    
religious freedom means freedom for all religions  freedom for everyone to make their own choices with their own life's just like you want everyone else deserves because this is America the land of the free    
the land of big Tech the land of intelligent soul and of Education    
stop letting Christianity try to take us back to the Dark Ages that they that they created Christianity created the Dark Ages some of the worst times we ever went through    

so fuck you and trying to take away other people's freedom

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Posted by: the1Domo - 12-18-2022, 05:16 PM - Forum: Packets - No Replies

Quote:    bool PacketParser:Big Grinump_CMSG_REPLYIDSIGNATURE(Frame& frame)
        unsigned short tampax;
        errId = frame.ReadU16(tampax);          // 0xFFFF
        errId = frame.ReadU16(tampax);          // 0xFFFF

        unsigned short param3 = 0;
        errId = frame.ReadU16(param3);          // 0xFFFF or vozmojno ObjectID

        CString sParam4;
        errId = frame.ReadString(sParam4);

        CString sParam5;
        errId = frame.ReadString(sParam5);

        CString sClient;
        errId = frame.ReadString(sClient);

        unsigned __int64 param2 = 0;
        errId = frame.ReadU64(param2);

        return true;

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Posted by: the1Domo - 12-18-2022, 05:16 PM - Forum: Packets - No Replies

Quote:namespace swtorMeters
    using Serialization::SwitchedSerializable;
    using Serialization::BasicSerializable;
    using Serialization::BasicContainer;
    using Serialization::BasicVector;
    using Serialization::SwitchedField;
    using Serialization::CheckedVector;
    using Serialization:Tongueacked;

    class GomUpdateObject : public BasicSerializable <Packed <uint64_t>,
            SwitchedSerializable <uint8_t,
                SwitchedField <0x80, Packed <uint64_t>>,
                SwitchedField <0x40, Packed <uint64_t>>,
                SwitchedField <0x20, Packed <uint64_t>>,
                SwitchedField <0x10, SwitchedSerializable <uint8_t,
                    SwitchedField <0x01, BasicVector <uint32_t, uint64_t>>,
                    SwitchedField <0x02, BasicVector <uint32_t, uint64_t>> >>,
                SwitchedField <0x08, BasicSerializable <
                    Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>,
                    BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, uint8_t> >> >>
            ACCESSOR_1(0,        uint64_t, NodeID)
            ACCESSOR_2(1, 0,      uint64_t, ClassID)
            ACCESSOR_2(1, 1,      uint64_t, TemplateID)
            ACCESSOR_2(1, 2,      uint64_t, ParentNodeID)
            ACCESSOR_3(1, 3, 0,  std::vector <uint64_t>, UnknownList1)
            ACCESSOR_3(1, 3, 1,  std::vector <uint64_t>, UnknownList2)
            ACCESSOR_3(1, 4, 0,  uint64_t, FieldVersion)
            ACCESSOR_3(1, 4, 1,  uint64_t, FieldFormat)
            ACCESSOR_3(1, 4, 2,  std::vector <uint8_t>, FieldData)

    class StreamContractField : public BasicSerializable <
            Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>>
            ACCESSOR_1(0, uint64_t, Type)
            ACCESSOR_1(1, uint64_t, ClassID)
            ACCESSOR_1(2, uint64_t, ContractID)

    class StreamContract : public BasicSerializable <Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>,
            BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>>,
            BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, BasicSerializable <Packed <uint64_t>, BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, StreamContractField>>> >
            using field_vector = std::vector <BasicSerializable <Packed <uint64_t>, BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, StreamContractField>>>;
            ACCESSOR_1(0, uint64_t, ContractID)
            ACCESSOR_1(1, uint64_t, BaseClassID)
            ACCESSOR_1(2, std::vector <uint64_t>, GlommedClasses)
            ACCESSOR_1(3, field_vector, Fields)

    class GomUpdate : public BasicSerializable <
            CheckedVector <uint32_t, Packed <uint64_t>, StreamContract>,
            SwitchedSerializable <uint8_t,
                SwitchedField <0x01, BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, GomUpdateObject>>,
                SwitchedField <0x02, BasicVector <Packed <uint64_t>, Packed <uint64_t>>> >>
            ACCESSOR_1(0,      std::vector <StreamContract>, ContractUpdates)
            ACCESSOR_2(1, 0,  std::vector <GomUpdateObject>, ObjectUpdates)
            ACCESSOR_2(1, 1,  std::vector <uint64_t>, UnknownList)

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