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xbhive aka thehiveforums
[Image: wp7uw6N.png] conversation of this guy continuing your hat harass me for multiple days this is a segment of Mine & ghost it's conversations where I contact him about this issue here is every message between me and ghosted since we've been friends so you can see that I didn't offer him any money this is the group chat with Hive where they proceeded to not care and continue to tell me that I am below them management system they paid a lot of money to someone to make
after they refused to apologize to me and we're in their Discord they told me nobody likes you don't know everybody in the community hates you when everyone knows that's not true these kids are skids don't use their server it's a waste

I wonder how many times now is cents Ronan became part of their team they've recoded their codebase? I mean several times now from the looks of it. the code-based I posted was modified by ghosted and was a modified XbLive.

also a heads up there in talks to buy teapot he thinks it will save his failing Community what she still thinks is growing less members than my community the only people posting on his forms are him and his staff.  that must be pretty gold coming from me with my form only a majority of my posts. lol

you can see the argument and a continuation of it on demonforums:
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
[Image: 2022-09-17_23_37_01-Window.png]

just an update want to follow this up with a another incident that just happened

so last night I was harassed Again by protoje and his whole group you know trying to pretend that my whole Discord it just talking about him however 90% of the conversation around Hive wasn't even regarding him his arrogance is so apparent

so I sent an invite to my buddies zz thinking that you know from everyone telling me that he wasn't involved in the trolling and people kept asking me all dude don't worry he's not really on their side but last night he invited them into a Discord
and pretended like this entire discords about him no not him other people in his team cuz I don't actually care about Protege he's a manipulating piece of fuck
but anyways I digress they all came in tried to troll me failed and then Konroi ended up run rubbing mayonnaise all over himself and masturbating kind of embarrassed himself sorted protege
I haven't even brung these retards up and weeks and even made a post on the demon form saying I have no more interest in following up and then was betrayed by someone I thought I could trust
just to be harassed again another night of being harassed being called a fat ginger and a loser and no one cares
Protege is so arrogant that he thinks at all I think about is him know I think about my friends who were hanging out with someone is trash as him and now I'm just learning that they're all just as trash
that's kind of pathetic a bunch of children just going around following me around and attacking me wow what a disgrace

his go-to game is always to make you feel like no one cares about you no one will care about your situation so you just got to deal with it and let Protege steamroll over you because he's a God or something when he's trash
he's not a god nor does he have a powerful team a bunch of skids
a whole group of skids at hive

with their random assault last night
made it even more apparent I hope everyone that was involved can see the trash that Protege is I don't want to rejoin Hive why would I want to be in a group that won't even protect their members from garbage
but retard can't see past himself and thinks everything's about him

he proved that last night when you said my whole discard was about him and politics and yeah it's about politics but not him I mean a little bit but a lot of more of other people I mean unless he claims all of the hive members as his
but isn't that why everyone got mad at me because I tried to tell my friends not to hang out with trash
that I had the audacity to try to warn my friends that they're hanging out with human trash
because I had the audacity to make a joke what a bunch of children

@GHOSTED @zzVertigo I'm not going to try to tell you to quit a group because I understand that was wrong but you guys are really playing with a manipulative piece of fuck

you literally won't let me Let It Go he harasses me and send someone to harass me every other week
by the way that's the picture that I was sent by the owner of demon forms of him trying to get the post deleted to try to prove that I had no Outlets or protection and no one cared about me
the most hurtful thing he said when she shouldn't have said was nobody cares about you Domo
the entire Community hates you Domo everyone hates you Domo
kind of shity kind of way to act isn't it
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
#3 apparently lacks the ability to just leave me alone and let me live my life.
they're still sending people out to assault me like little children.
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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