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trying to understand the stupidity of Republicans
Okay, first let's start off with this study and let's go from here, and the Spurs study shows some interesting results and it shows that. The Republicans have some intellectually intelligent people, but there's enough of them that they outweigh the stupid, which we already knew and classic conservatism isn't the problem those are intelligent people. And this article below really does point out that difference.


Carl (2014) analysed data from the U.S. General Social Survey (GSS), and found that individuals who identify as Republican have slightly higher verbal intelligence than those who identify as Democrat. An important qualification was that the measure of verbal intelligence used was relatively crude, namely a 10-word vocabulary test. This study examines three other measures of cognitive ability from the GSS: a test of probability knowledge, a test of verbal reasoning, and an assessment by the interviewer of how well the respondent understood the survey questions. In all three cases, individuals who identify as Republican score slightly higher than those who identify as Democrat; the unadjusted differences are 1–3 IQ points, 2–4 IQ points and 2–3 IQ points, respectively. Path analyses indicate that the associations between cognitive ability and party identity are largely but not totally accounted for by socio-economic position: individuals with higher cognitive ability tend to have better socio-economic positions, and individuals with better socio-economic positions are more likely to identify as Republican. These results are consistent with Carl's (2014) hypothesis that higher intelligence among classically liberal Republicans compensates for lower intelligence among socially conservative Republicans.


Over the past decade, several studies have shown that people who tend to hold more conservative views score low on measures of intelligence. However, it now appears that while conservatism and intelligence are negatively correlated, the link is not as strong as first thought.


Much of the previous work in this area was based on a psychological definition of conservatism, rather than a political one. The term “conservative syndrome” was coined to describe a person who attaches particular importance to respect for tradition, humility, devoutness and moderation.

Such a person tends to hold conformist values like obedience, self-discipline and politeness, and emphasises the need for social order coupled with concerns for family and national security.
A conservative person also subscribes to conventional religious beliefs and has a sense of belonging to and pride in a group with which they identify. The same person is likely to be less open to intellectual challenges and will be seen as a responsible “good citizen” at work and in society, while expressing rather harsh views toward those outside their group.

Up to 16% of “conservative syndrome” is reportedly due to low cognitive ability.

Overall, smart people tend to be socially liberal in their outlook. It was also found that countries whose citizens score low on international tests of mathematics achievement tend to be more conservative in their political outlooks and policies.

Politics versus psychology

Political scientists were quick to point out that conservative syndrome belongs to what they refer to as social conservatism.

Many members of conservative political parties, both in the US and in Australia, undoubtedly subscribe to the values captured by the syndrome. But there is also a distinct group of conservative voters who do not feel strongly about such views. These are the people who are sometimes labelled as economic liberals.

Economic liberals’ beliefs are based on the idea that individuals should be free to engage in voluntary transactions with others and to enjoy the fruits of their own labour. The typical leftist socialist position is opposed to such a view.

It was pointed out that economic liberals as a group tend to be better educated than the rest of, say, Republican Party voters and sympathisers in the US. Therefore, the correlation between intelligence and political behaviour may be essentially zero or even slightly positive.

In other words, intelligence is correlated with socially and economically liberal views.

Psychological world atlas

Several recently reported cross-cultural studies show the correlation between social conservatism and intelligence is lower than previously thought.

In that work, psychological scales for the assessment of conservatism syndrome were given to people from 33 countries from around the world.

It was reported there are essentially three “psychological continents” in the world today. Liberal countries are those from (mostly Western) Europe, and Australia and Canada. Conservative countries are those from Southeast and South Asia, Africa and South America.
All other countries – including the US, Russia and those from Confucian Asia – are somewhere in the middle.

[Image: image-20160414-4697-1s98zz2.png?ixlib=rb...crop&dpr=1]
Psychological atlas of the world for 33 countries. Blue (Liberal); Red (Middle); Yellow (Conservative). Supplied

Conservative countries have a low average IQ

The participants in these studies were also given a short non-verbal test of intelligence. As expected, conservative, below-the-equator countries had the lowest average score.

However, people from the middle range of countries had slightly higher IQ scores than those from the liberal countries. This implies that negative correlation between IQ and conservatism is not as strong as previously reported.

A reason for this finding is the standing of the middle group of countries on IQ tests. For example, East Asian countries that are not very liberal or conservative tend to have high IQ and academic achievement scores.

Another reason may be the use of a non-verbal test of intelligence. Most previous studies were based on verbal IQ tests, which are known to be influenced by the level of education.

This finding at the level of countries has been compared to the correlation at the individual level. Our new ‘in press’ data indicate social conservatism and intelligence do have a negative correlation with each other but only 5%, not 16%, of conservatism can be accounted for by the intelligence test scores.

So, are conservatives less smart?

Yes, slightly less if they are social conservatives.

On the available evidence, the presence of people subscribing to economic liberalism within the ostensibly conservative parties in the US, UK and Australia makes it very unlikely that a substantial correlation – either positive or negative – will be found between political conservatism and intelligence.
Members of the left-wing political parties in these countries are not immune from social conservatism either. So, our politicians have no right to call members of the other party “stupid”.

this is the conclusion of my research and I State my research above

Democrats have the edge by a very slim margin due to lifestyle choices and other such variables such as education level, but it’s not drastic by any means.
I believe that the notable differences come with how they express themselves and their views, I can’t speak as to libertarians, but the adage I use is this:
Intelligent democrats: express their views 24/7.
Unintelligent democrats: don’t express their views.
Intelligent republicans: express their views when appropriate.
Unintelligent republicans: will not shut the hell up about voter fraud.
To conclude, it’s not that there’s a huge difference in IQ, it’s that when a Republican is unintelligent, they make it very very evident and do so very very loudly.

Bring the reason that struck me most interested in readdressing that's. Is that I was in a car club with a bunch of other people who I think are very conservative. And Republican voting and I agree that I wish they would just let us play with our cars. But the other day and one of our meeting they were talking and supportive of Ukraine and these were outstanding Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016. And I could not believe like they're bright embracing of actual intelligent conversation it was amazing and leave me. Think hey, maybe there isn't really a correlation to stupidity maybe it's a like upset construct. And that's again something that I realize that stupidity is a construct not a intellectually dull situation. 

One of the very important things that made me feel so much joy was them calling the Republicans who left from Texas. To join Russia in the fight against Ukraine they all thought that was disgusting. these are classic conservative people who live through the Cold War and they know the pain that Russia can cause they're not stupid like the modern Republican yes they had their weak moments but overall I'm scene intelligence overfill the stupidity and Echo chamber !!!!

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity
I wanted to pay respects to this video and try to make it more known to people around them, but remember stupidity does not mean you're intellectually so when I call you stupid I'm not saying that you have no intelligence or intellectually dull. Play I Believe from this Theory and also falls into my own believe that stupidity is a social problem, and pretending that stupidity could only affect the intellectually dull, is really an insult to All Humans because you can have some very intelligent smart people out there who are very book smart but are still stupid. And I think this video explains the way I feel and the way that I perceive stupidity and the best terms possible. watch it and try to illustrate some of this with the current situation is going on in public!!!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones. This is because while we can protest against or fight evil people, against stupid ones we are defenseless — reasons fall on dead ears. Bonhoeffer's famous text, which we slightly edited for this video, serves any free society as a warning of what can happen when certain people gain too much power. #stupidity #sprouts

What’s the average IQ of Trump voters?
[Image: 1*kA05BIbDB5TVzslLaU4uWw.jpeg]

The Stanford Educational Data Archive gathered test scores from every county and school district in the country. Here’s a map showing how well students are doing:
[Image: 1*e92EhlqGfUT7xnRNZ92D1g.jpeg]

Some obvious features stand out. There are some blue spots in the middle of South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona. What explains the low test scores in those counties?
[Image: 1*PHcbsVLCoXifRm21Pf3R3A.png]
Students on Indian reservations are struggling. Standing Rock and Pine Ridge in South Dakota are doing especially poorly. We can see the Navajo nation at the four corners, and the Tohono O’odham nation in Southern Arizona.

We can also see a band of low test scores along the Mississippi river and then straight across to Georgia:

[Image: 1*ETXfORypUKU3B2SdxMUwzg.jpeg]

This shows the legacy of slavery in the south. Counties along this belt had the most slaves and are still majority Black (this feature shows up in many maps of America, like in voting patterns or in TV shows people watch).

Okay, no surprises so far — Black and native Americans have been struggling for centuries. Racial gaps in education are large. If we want to say anything about politics, we need to factors these out. Let’s map only white students:

[Image: 1*8KpEGyAkLdOwdC4gmUnvNQ.jpeg]

The gaps aren’t as obvious now. West Virginia does the worst. The middle of the country, from Utah to Minnesota, does fairly well. We can calculate an average IQ for each state:

[Image: 1*bJGFd9QqtAJt8AVmR-ezfQ.jpeg]

We have to zoom in to see the biggest differences. Let’s look at California:

[Image: 1*FsYtM5uIQVy8jcyq0IBdcQ.png]

The Bay Area is doing well, as is coastal southern California. Further inland, it’s a different story.

Looking even closer at the bay area, we see big differences from one town to another:
[Image: 1*mQKwIG-Y7njzFnmNr4ajZA.jpeg]

White kids in San Francisco are 1.5 grade levels ahead of the national average. Near all the big silicon valley tech companies (in places like Mountain View, Los Altos, or Woodside), kids score a full 3 grade levels ahead (this equates to an average IQ of 115).

Kids in the more rural central valley aren’t doing as well, scoring at or below grade level. Kids in Stockton are 1.7 grade levels behind (IQ of 91).
It’s the same pattern in most states:

[Image: 1*UuzCu6eEQf3ePjn3aO7FhQ.jpeg][Image: 1*Y86OXJXWwb3oAunphyRPWA.jpeg]

Kids in Ann Arbor or Lansing, Michigan are 2 grades ahead of average. St Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago all outscore rural areas by 2–3 grade levels. The only big city I see that bucks the trend and performs worse than average is Detroit.
So it seems like the general picture in America is one of smart kids in big cities, surrounded by less successful kids in the countryside.
This reminded me of the voting map for 2016:

[Image: 1*g3SbL543fGN5QBSwaaiMRA.png]

If rural areas vote for Trump and kids in rural areas have worse test scores, can we objectively say that Trump supporters are less intelligent?

I did the math. I downloaded voting data by county and 8th grade math scores by county, then wrote some code to match them against each other. We have to make a few assumptions here.

First, we’re looking at how adults voted and then how kids did on tests. So we’re assuming that kids are usually as smart as their parents.

Second, we’re assuming that NAEP math scores can be converted into IQ. If you look at sample test questions, a lot of them are actually pattern matching puzzles, not math problems:

[Image: 1*vpqGKbMpubYbmE5xuxduaA.jpeg]

Third, we don’t know how to assign voters, for a mixed county. If the vote is 50/50, do we just assume that everyone is average and call half of them Republicans and half Democrats?

To make sense of this, I excluded counties that are close to even. Instead, I took all counties that split by 70/30 or more, and assigned those counties to the winning party. 

I averaged up the test scores separately for Republican and Democratic counties. For the 8th grade NAEP math test, we get an average score of 297 for Democrats and 283 for Republicans. The national average for white students is 291.5. Let’s convert that to IQ:
The average IQ for urban white Democrats is 102 and for rural white Republicans it’s 97.

That’s about a 1 grade level difference in performance (i.e. liberal 7th graders would score as well as conservative 8th graders on the test).
I tried double-checking the results, a few different ways. I looked at 4th grade and 12th grade test scores. Those show the same gaps as 8th grade.
I tried looking at counties that are even more polarized. The IQ gap is the same if I use 75% or 80% polarized counties. If I use 85% or 90% polarized counties, the gap favoring Democrats grows even larger, to 8–10 IQ points.

Another way to double check is to look at GSS survey data. The GSS estimates IQ by giving people a short vocabulary test. According to the survey, mean IQ for white Trump voters is 99. For white Hillary voters, it’s 104. Again, a gap of 5 points.

One last way to double check this is to look at the 2016 exit polls. Two thirds of white voters without college degrees voted for Trump:

[Image: 1*ZZ_UTcHcGLUf_z5f09SlIQ.png]

Let’s say the average college graduate has an IQ of 110 and the average high school graduate 95. We see an IQ gap of 3 points between the groups:
Clinton voters: (37*.45*110 + 34*.29*95) / (37*.45 + 34*.29) = 104.4
Trump voters: (37*.48*110 + 34*.66*95) / (37*.48 + 34*.66 ) = 101.6

In summary:
White Trump voters are less intelligent than Clinton voters. The average difference is maybe 3 to 5 IQ points. Trump voters aren’t all stupid, but there are more stupid Trump voters. Both parties have a spectrum of more and less intelligent people. Kids in the most successful liberal cities score 15 IQ points higher than average.
These results might make liberals feel smart and happy. But, before you start gloating, I think there are some things here that might make both sides unhappy.
No one agrees how much of intelligence is the result of good schools versus something innate. A lot of people on the right, and especially the alt-right, think that intelligence is genetic. They think that some minorities do worse on tests because those groups are genetically inferior. Well… by that same logic, conservatives are genetically inferior to liberals.

Most people on the left think that intelligence is a result of the environment. They think that some people do better in school because of privilege and others do worse because of oppression. If you think that’s the case, then you need to recognize that rural white Americans don’t have as much privilege as white, urban liberals. White kids in silicon valley have way more opportunities than white kids in West Virginia. If we want equality, then we need to start sharing wealth and privilege from a few rich cities into the rest of the country.
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
Some good blog content right here bro

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