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stop paying for service that offer public cheats
Stop paying for service that offer public cheats. Or just literally downloading the source code, making alter ization and pretending that they changed it or they it's getting ridiculous even f****** teapot is based off of Colossus. On my GitHub I have tons of resources.

a method for generating 100F

the bunch of fun research to help you better yourself and make a better experience for you and your friends

0x50 Xbox Live lasting method ECC, stealth server / API.

XBLS offline setup kit don't pay for online access

And there are lots of other resources available to you to don't pay for people's garbage and encourage this kind of meaningless retardation of trying to sell other people's stuff. Learn, learn to program yourself, learn to do it yourself if you want to make money make cheats don't try to sell public cheats okay and here here are more resources

TCP listener written for Linux for the xbLive stealth server, created by myself and BLiNDzZ in 2019. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

xbLive stealth server, created by myself and BLiNDzZ in 2019. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

and this guy even has cheated on his gift
Battlefield 3 cheats made for NiNJA in 2019. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

Battlefield 4 cheats made for NiNJA in 2019. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

LiveEmulation Modern Warfare 3 cheat, my first attempt at making a cheat for Call of Duty in 2018. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

Call of Duty cheats up until BO3, created by myself and BLiNDzZ in 2019. [color=var(--color-accent-fg)][/color]

PowerPC (64bit) virtual machine with support for ram, stack, syscalls, and threading. Created by [color=var(--color-fg-default)]@dllcrt0 & [color=var(--color-fg-default)]@tttttttttls[/color].[/color]

this guy also has a powerPC emulator that emulates Xbox system calls which can be used to generate data.

just for fun, here's a fun to tool a long time ago

there's also another GitHub yes, this is another one of mine lol

my very first stealth server Titan compiles with a makefile on Linux and also will compile on windows with a visual Studios./

a real cross-compile server for Windows and Linux not that fake s*** with dotnet core at last another GitHub by me with more good information for all of you

another c Linux Server by Me

source code for a compile tools to put in to your hypervisor for dumping data over uart

and another research git

I am also working on a free stuff server that's going to be running forever stay tuned for one Xbox Live finally gets shut down enjoy the new Evilsource Xbox Live which will go live on the day Xbox Live shuts down

here is a mega download with some really resources to help you get started

a dump of when I hacked ninjas website just for fun and it has some valuable resources

original dumps from Colossus and the original release I made when back in 2013
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
The real MVP Vouch

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