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message to Republicans
Godly Republicans are so ridiculous they're willing to admit that he's horrible for the country and that he did bad things and it happened. 

But then they also say that he did good things and they like what he did, people say it would be bad for him to run again because of these bad for our country    coming from Republican to even admit to voting for him and say that some of them saying they would vote for him again but it's not a good idea for him to run again.    The great part about this is Fox played this on their own network.    hopefully now these trumplican will start getting help for their derangement syndrome   

However, I doubt they'll see it is that they'll just say and brush it off and not admit they were wrong and then just try to push under the carpet like it never happened lol   

I'm sorry it happened and it's your faults  we have been sitting here screaming at you telling you they're doing this and you ignore it    until the evidence is literally in your face and even then you can't admit you're wrong    said its weakness it's depressing that these Republicans are so weak they can't admit that Donald Trump is the worst thing for our country however the admit that him running again is bad for the country  lol    the stupidity and not want to take responsibility for your actions Republicans    however watching the Republicans have made me want to re-evaluate some things in my life  these people are absolute evil and I'm tired of dealing with them!!!!

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