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Welcome everyone, to the next stage of gaming. 
CPN is a gaming network that will be trying to change the way you feel about private servers. We will be offering premium services, as well as fun and affordable games.

Worry no longer about these money-grubbing gremlins, who are trying to get everything out of your pockets, just disappear the next day.

We have a 5 year goal that guarantees everyone a fun and long-lasting experience. This goal not only covers what we expect to be serving as a gaming community, but also covers what you expect from us.

We're also currently looking for skilled people who would like to Moderate, GM and help design and build our games and websites.

We are recruiting the following:

1. GM's for multiple games.
2. Forum Moderators for our 'farm system'.
3. Graphic Designers to help spruce things up.
4. Anyone who has the experience to work in C++, as well as ASM developers.
5. Web Developers for working with website oriented materials to help with community growth.

Available Games:

Coming Soon:
- bf1942 EMU
- bfv EMU
- BF2142 EMU
- Forsaken World
- RaiderZ
- CoD-mw3 EMU
- Knight Online

To be Announced:
- DragonSaga (TBA)
- DragonNest (TBA)
- Dragons Prophet (TBA)
- HunterBlade (TBA)
- Embergarde (TBA)
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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