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do you need help?
Hello my friends, 

We will not Hack someone for you, 
But if you have been hacked, we can help you recover your data. Or help you understand how to patch your vulnerability or help you expand your knowledge base on the situation you can ask any questions and our experienced hacker will talk to you.

However, we will assist if you are being harassed by an ass on the internet. cyberbullying is wrong and we are here as Heroes to protect however, I want to call his hero is where more antihero, but we have good intentions lol anyone who causes someone harm needs to understand that we exist and we are here we will be the law jury and executioner of bullies on the internet. 

it will create good content for our garbage people section on the form you know always alternative motives more content lol

Thank you
Evil Source Team
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
So something funny back in the day with the hacking groups I used to be part of we used to do these walls of Shame.

Where we would have two and cause you misery and tell you would do a recording claiming you were owned by us. I think that's something I would like to do to people who harass people just start that process backup. the internet has gotten so weird nobody cares about anyone anymore, we need to go back to the old group mentality we used to have remembered where these big groups would get together and then you would have happened had like a hack offs, rap offs

back when hackers had morals don't FUCK with money don't FUCK with schools don't FUCK with hospitals. it was all about spreading knowledge and understanding it was an amazing time, but somehow we have lost that time and it's gone, I want it back I want the fun back I'm so bored
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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