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blog post 1/14/2023
you don't see Jews outside of grocery stores telling you you're not allowed to eat pork products cuz it's against their religion

you don't see Mormons outside of Starbucks protesting saying that you can't exist cuz you're against my religion you know because of the no caffeine thing caffeine is a sin in their religion

so why do you see Christians outside of abortion clinics protesting them Christians all over the place protesting stuff because it's against their religion and they claim it's their freedom but what about everyone else is Freedom they don't care about a woman's Freedom or what her choices are so why don't you see any other religion doing this.    I've got one answer their selfish Christians are selfish and only care about themselves and don't believe religious freedom and they do not believe in America if you are a Christian who thinks that abortion should be illegal you are not an American because America cannot enforce laws for a religion we have a separation of church and state but Christians don't care
I'm just so tired of hearing Christian scream about their civil liberties and their freedom but they are willing to trample over everyone else's freedom to get what they want and I get it cuz they feel like if they don't everyone else will trample on their freedom when no one has trampled on their freedom no one took away their right to worship no one took away their rights to anything and gay people have a right to live just like you do a right to practice American values and Americans views with marriage you like it or not this is reality however you want to take away other people's freedom for your own selfish reasons like your religion
learn history and understand why Christianity why Christianity is one of the most hated religions it's cuz of this you don't see Jews Mormons Hindus or any of the others doing with these retarded Christians are doing    
religious freedom means freedom for all religions  freedom for everyone to make their own choices with their own life's just like you want everyone else deserves because this is America the land of the free    
the land of big Tech the land of intelligent soul and of Education    
stop letting Christianity try to take us back to the Dark Ages that they that they created Christianity created the Dark Ages some of the worst times we ever went through    

so fuck you and trying to take away other people's freedom
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