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SkyeCabbit / Zaro / ThunderHowl Studios
SkyeCabbit / Zaro / ThunderHowl Studios

Known socials:
Twitter: @skyecabbit, @Thunderhowlzaro @ZaroWolfAD, and @ZaroThunderwolf
Instagram: @skyecabbit, @thunderhowlstudios

CONTENT WARNING FOR: NSFW mention, NSFW art, grooming, pedophilia
Kitkat/Kets Birthday: June 16, 1999
Skye/Zaro Birthday: February 15, 1992

This document had to be written quicker than planned, we apologize for any spelling mistakes or any general issues with writing. This was meant to be written professionally, but due to unforeseen circumstances we felt it was best to get this out as quickly as possible. Images may appear blurry when viewed on the phone (if viewing on the phone use the google docs app for clear images), viewing on the computer is recommended!

Hi, my name is Kitkat/Kets/Hayden. This document is about my truth with SkyeCabbit and the beginning of me joining the fandom. In 2014, when I was 15 years old and Skye was 22, I joined the fandom, and went to my very first furmeet. It was a bowling alley furmeet, and I didn’t have a suit but I borrowed one from a friend. (pictured below) This was the very first time I met Skye/Zarowolf. She was really excited about the fact I wanted to build a fursuit. Not too long after this furmeet, she came to my house and showed me her fursuit that she built, also pictured below (Zaro). After a few times of us hanging out, I started making my suit and going to meets as well. Sometimes they would offer to drive me to these meets. These meets would often be an hour away, and my house was a little out of the way.

[Image: vqo6LsH6raUI3V4nrnMxe5ocn4lD0lko_iPkF79d...-G1rvAEQ7w]

One of these meets was Freedom Lake Park Furs. After going to a number of meets and hanging out together, we ended up getting a lot closer and started making suits together. In the photo below, you can see we got a lot closer to each other. We would talk for hours at every fur meet, and sometimes hang out at night to grab food. At this time I was in school and didn’t have a job, so they paid for everything for me.

[Image: p0scjhHC9KUqKAX-Mycis0zCGJ0TCwzzb60Fjvd-...uylMY6-a8g]
[Image: Zx9t3xEr-cazoCgzHg8K63BEfU8lZUFc4Z3mc5W1...plGeHFz5IQ]
[b]As we got closer, at one of the stops we made to get gas, she approached me and said she had feelings for me. After a few minutes driving in the car, I reciprocated those feelings and told them I felt that way too. This was after a year of grooming, buying me things and taking me places. I was 16 at the time. We ended up going on late night drives at 3am and sometimes we would go back to their house to sleep. Sometimes we would have sex in the car. The first time we had sex, she picked me up from my house and drove to hers. It started with cuddling, then wrestling around. It became more intimate after that and we had sex. As we got closer, Skye told me not to say anything because they could get in trouble. My feelings were so strong for this person I was willing to do anything to stay with them.[/b]

[Image: tH-wCT6DRxZ0VBRgBTj93c_VcG7qngmjgn4Khjtw...kme7nOBiBA]
After a while, they started going to my house to hang out. In the photos below, you can see they felt comfortable taking lewd photos in my room in their new Zaro head that we built together. At this time, I was completely infatuated with them and I loved that someone took time to care about me and pay attention to me when no one else was.

[Image: Z3PK0NWKFFGlHKgBMMsbkgM_JOxToAvoiq4715r5...5gehrcx1yg]

After a few months of going to their house and having sex in their car, sometimes at their house while their parents were home, I had to give them the sad news that I was moving away. I was moving to Arizona. As soon as I told them, they were extremely hurt and started crying to me on the phone. After we knew we didn’t have much more time together, we would spend almost every night together, until I decided to ask them if they wanted to move with me to Arizona because they had just graduated college and didn’t have a job yet. Once we moved to Arizona, we decided to start making fursuits together. This would become Redstorm fursuits. This screenshot below is a post on the still-active Redstorm Fursuits website where Skye herself detailed the timeline of events. I was 16 when we moved. Skye was 23.

for more information please read the Google Doc
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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