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Remember When Donald Trump initiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan?
Remember When Donald Trump initiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan destabilizing the country and failing to create a peace deal that resulted in our soldiers getting killed seven of them what about those boys who lost their life because of Donald failed strong-arm?
why do Republicans not think Donald Trump released prisoners from Afghanistan or do they believe that any soldiers died under Donald Trump like they ignore that and they don't care.  like it makes no sense to me why don't you care what he did why you ignore it.  why why do you have to ignore it why pretend like it didn't happen???? 

[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
Trump Loyalist BETRAYS Him On Newsmax

I really wish Republican to stop lying and face the fact that the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan was Donald Trump's fault it was his deal with the Taliban the failed peace deal I keep telling you guys about but you don't believe me and you blame it on Biden you guys are a joke 

you literally ignore the advice of smart people to take the advice of pathological Liars you're funny

I've spent so much time trying to explain to my Republican friends that Donald Trump started the withdrawal from Afghanistan they said no lol

the truth always comes out and it's coming out baby and it's coming out of the flood gates are opening the more report was real Donald Trump committed treason, well in office, he tried to withheld military aid from Ukraine he weakened, NATO he lost us the leadership of the G7 for his strong-arm tactics retardation    it's like come on Republicans are literally living in an alternate reality

Republicans it's time to drink some coffee and get off of the Kool-Aid and join reality
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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