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Patriot, republican, tRump supporter, white supremacist, militia, right winger, evang
Patriot, republican, tRump supporter, white supremacist, militia, right winger, evangelical "christian",Qanon, proud boys, oath keepers, 3%ers the new code words for terrorists that hate America, the US Constitution, Democracy, and the Truth!

Right wingers are not only calling openly for a Civil War, but also calling the January 6th terrorists "Prisoners of War" the right wing in America admit that they have declared war on America and on January 6th 2021 the right wing and maga cult committed an act of war against America! They should be arrested, charged with treason, convicted, and executed. By their own admission...the right wing in America are the TRUE ENEMIES OF AMERICA!

The most hypocritical thing about the right wing playing the "Show Me Your Papers" card is that it's right wingers who demand others SHOW THEIR PAPERS because of the color of their skin. So the Fascists on the right think it's alright to demand someone else's papers, but you can't ask them for theirs!

The FACTS are that it is right wingers that hate America and our constitution and are committing terrorist attacks, sedition and insurrection to destroy America and our Constitution they will destroy America (something right wingers are ACTIVELY attempting to do right now)!!! 

Poor  right wing "Americans", your treason in favor of putin against America...proves you picked another loser. You chose tRump and he lost in spite of an attempted coup. You chose putin and he is proven a loser, even if he wins. You keep picking one party/man/enemy nation over America, and losing. Don't worry...America hates you too!


Executive Summary
There is empirical and anecdotal evidence that far-right hate groups pose a significant threat to public safety. Far-right
extremists commit many violent attacks, and some scholars conclude that far-right extremists, especially groups
motivated by religious ideology, are strong candidates to commit future acts using weapons of mass destruction (Gurr &
Cole, 2002; Tucker, 2001). Research analyzing data from the Extremist Crime Database has shown that active members
of far-right extremist groups have been involved in over 330 homicide incidents in the last 20 years (Freilich, Chermak,
Belli, Grunewald & Parkin; Gruenewald, 2011). Similarly, a national survey of State law enforcement agencies concluded
that there was significant concern about the activities of far-right extremist groups, and that more states reported the
presence of far-right militia groups (92%), neo-Nazis (89%), and racist skinheads (89%) in their jurisdictions than Jihadi
extremist groups (65%) (Freilich, Chermak & Simone, 2009). Despite these important concerns, few projects have
empirically studied far-right hate groups in the United States. This study aims to address this research gap by exploring
the factors that distinguish violent far-right hate groups from non-violent far-right hate groups. 2. FINDINGS.

Congress finds the following:
(1) White supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.

(2) On February 22, 2019, a Trump Administration United States Department of Justice official wrote in a New York Times op-ed that “white supremacy and far-right extremism are among the greatest domestic-security threats facing the United States. Regrettably, over the past 25 years, law enforcement, at both the Federal and State levels, has been slow to respond. … Killings committed by individuals and groups associated with far-right extremist groups have risen significantly.”.

2020 boogaloo killings
Steven Carrillo terrorist
Robert Justus  terrorist

2019 El Paso shooting
Patrick Wood Crusius  terrorist

2019 Poway synagogue shooting
John Timothy Earnest  terrorist

Dr. Barnett Slepian murdered, October 23, 1998, Amherst, NY. Anti-abortion murder
Barnett Abba Slepian (April 23, 1946 – October 23, 1998) was an American physician and abortion provider who was murdered in his home by (James Charles Kopp terrorist).

Ladies Center shooting 07-29-1994 United States Opposition to abortion
Oklahoma City bombing 04-19-1995 United States 168[1] 680 Opposition to US government.

Centennial Olympic Park bombing[2][3] 07-27-1996

United States 1+1 indirect 111 Opposition to abortion
Northside Family Planning bombing 01-16-1997 United States 0 6 Opposition to abortion
Otherside Lounge bombing 02-21-1997 

United States 0 5 Opposition to LGBT right 2000s

Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting 07-28-2008 United States

Hatred of liberals and Democrats 2010s

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting 08-05-2012 United States White supremacy.[6

2014 Las Vegas shootings 06-08-2014 United States 3 (+ 2 gunmen) 0 Anti-government beliefs.[7]

Charleston church shooting 06-17-2015 United States 9 1 White supremacy.[8]

Murder of Timothy Caughman 03-20-2017 United States 1 0 White supremacy.

2017 Portland train attacks 05-26-2017 United States 2 3 White supremacy and Islamophobia.
Charlottesville car attack 12-08-2017 United States 1 28 Neo-Nazism.[10]

Murder of Blaze Bernstein 01-10-2018 United States 1 0 Neo-Nazism
October 2018 United States mail bombing attempts 10-22-2018 United States 0 0 Support for Donald Trump.[11]

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting 10-27-2018 United States 11 6 Antisemitism.

Poway synagogue shooting 04-27-2019 United States 1 3 Antisemitism.

2019 El Paso shooting 08-03-2019 United States 23 23 White supremacy, Hispanophobia.[12]

2020 boogaloo killings 05-29-2020 (first incident) United States 2 3 (+ 1 suspect) Boogaloo movement

New details emerge about plot to kidnap Michigan governor

Report warns of right-wing domestic terrorism

U.S. sees 300 violent attacks inspired by far right a year

Evangelical Christian Terrorists? forward to 2:35

Feds: anti-abortion activist linked to Christian terror group planned clinic attacks

What Is America's Biggest Terrorist Threat?

Package Bomb Suspect, Is A Florida Trump Supporter

Dozens of supporters of Donald Trump have carried out or threatened acts of violence.

Member Of "Boogaloo Bois" Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Provide Material Support To Hamas

Member of Neo-Nazi Group Sentenced for Plot to Target Journalists and Advocates

Member of the Violent Extremist Group “The Base” Pleads Guilty in Maryland to Federal Charges for Transporting an Illegal Alien—A Fellow Base Member Whom He Knew Was Planning to Engage in Subversive and/or Criminal Activity in the United States

Jefferson County man indicted on charges he conspired against the U.S. and sold machine gun conversion devices

Las Vegas Resident Who Discussed Setting Fire To A Synagogue With A White Supremacist Extremist Group Sentenced For Possession Of Bomb-Making Components

Staten Island Man Arrested in Connection with Threats to Kill Protesters, Politicians and Members of Law Enforcement

The Election Day violence Trump supporters have promised is already happening

The Rise of Far-Right Extremism in the United States

Where America's Terrorists Actually Come From (Islamic)

Domestic Terror in the Age of Trump

A new database of domestic terror incidents shows attacks by far-right extremists have become far more lethal since Donald Trump became president.

QAnon Supporters, Paramilitary Groups Promise ‘Fight' Over Election At Pro-Trump Rally Near Nevada’s Capitol

Maga Rioters INVADE Capitol Building | Party of Law and Order BTW

Feds now say right-wing extremists responsible for majority of deadly terrorist attacks last year

Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]
they just can't stop here is more evidence of their assholery

if this doesn't make your blood boil, then I don't know who you are because I'm a God loving American and I believe that everyone is equal I'm a staunch believer in that, but if you just think it's a word it's not it's more than that and you deserve to rot in the farthest pits of hell
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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