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this guy is an absolute loser has nothing going for him and Pastor troll people to make himself feel better because he has a meaningless existence and his servers failing, he wants to blame everyone else for his problems when he can't accept the fact that he's the problem people leave because of him he assaults people and he is trash 

a loser who uses other people's pictures and pretends they're him.
a person who lies and manipulates people to get what he wants

This man is absolute trash and any conversations I have with him in the future will be posted in this section. 

You got to love the little trick King ties to play to make people think they're going crazy. Like deleting messages from a conversation to try to make it look like you were the best person. The time Gap in this is kind of weird why did you delete the insult that you made it Joe Biden. Claiming Joe Biden was ruining your our country why did you have to go out of your way to message me this is it cuz you're retarded  because you thought you can get an easy rise out of me     this is your one and last warning if you don't knock your garbage off I will destroy you.

I'm not on parole anymore, you can't touch me, I will rape your mouth and make you call me Daddy, I'll fuck your butthole so hard you're going to say Daddy, please stop  that's how you will refer to me as Daddy    regardless I'm not Domo to you you don't use that name   Daddy and if you try to say anything else you're not getting a response you don't get any respect    you are %100 trash

As always, if anyone else has any conversations or anything that they have logged from a retard that I posted this section you can also share chat logs or anything else to help other people stay away from trash.   We'll fix this community one person at a time. and all you need to do to help me is post chat logs and other information on these people that I post in the section

[1:54 PM] King!: hi
[1:54 PM] King!: long time no talk
[1:54 PM] King!: you good?
[1:54 PM] the1Domo: good
[1:54 PM] the1Domo: you
[1:54 PM] King!: Same
[1:54 PM] King!: enjoying life?
[1:57 PM] King!: lol
[1:57 PM] the1Domo: did you know that he did not refill the reserves
[1:57 PM] King!: and you pay up to 30%
[1:57 PM] King!: on everything now
[1:57 PM] King!: lol thats false
[1:57 PM] King!: trump actually filled up
[1:57 PM] the1Domo: I get it that you lack the intelligence to understand how things work but it's okay you're not an American
[1:57 PM] King!: the reserves
[1:57 PM] the1Domo: it's okay you can ignore the fact
[1:57 PM] King!: Do you know biden sold your oil reserves to china?
[1:58 PM] King!: while your prices are skyrocketing
[1:58 PM] King!: he gave it to china?
[1:58 PM] King!: which smart leader would have done that?
[1:58 PM] King!: only a hypocrite would do that
[1:58 PM] the1Domo: Donald Trump tried to strong-arm the G7 and Turi allowing Russia and got the G7 to give leadership to France
[1:58 PM] the1Domo: Donald Trump ignored the pipelines when they got hacked and did nothing
[1:58 PM] the1Domo: Donald Trump destroyed this country and Joe Biden is trying to fix it and it's doing a pretty good job
[1:58 PM] the1Domo: I'm sorry if that upsets you
[1:59 PM] the1Domo: but it's reality now gas is under $4 again
[1:59 PM] King!: if anyone is destroying the US
[1:59 PM] King!: its biden
[1:59 PM] King!: not trump
[1:59 PM] the1Domo: you're lost in an alternate reality but things are getting better here
[1:59 PM] the1Domo: I'm sorry but Donald Trump's going to go to prison
[1:59 PM] King!: fact is, the american people we're better off under trump, then they are now under biden.
[1:59 PM] the1Domo: dude your special needs it's okay
[1:59 PM] King!: nobody is going to prision
[2:00 PM] King!: they have been saying that for 5 years dude
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: you lack the ability to understand what's going on around you you need to seek mental help
[2:00 PM] King!: investigation after investigation
[2:00 PM] King!: even the russia russia collusion
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: you're the biggest retard on the face of the Earth and everyone knows it
[2:00 PM] King!: was proven wrong
[2:00 PM] King!: it wasa hoax
[2:00 PM] King!: hillary was a liar
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: you are a faget
[2:00 PM] King!: shes a thief.
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: Your Existence is like cancer'
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: do us all a favor and just end your existence
[2:00 PM] King!: Why are you insulting?
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: you're a cancer
[2:00 PM] the1Domo: you're a cancer
[2:00 PM] King!: while we have a political conversation
[2:01 PM] King!: this just shows what a child you are
[2:01 PM] the1Domo: I am now going to block you cuz talking to you is a waste of time
[2:01 PM] King!: 😂
[2:01 PM] the1Domo: you are a child who is trying to get me activated
[2:01 PM] the1Domo: 🙂
[2:01 PM] King!: you just show, you cant live with the reality with someone not having the same political mindset as you.
[2:01 PM] the1Domo: you're cute you're so cute baby why don't you just end Your Existence goodbye
[Image: FiHzeWA.jpg]

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