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Joe Biden is overseeing the strongest economy in over 53 years
the new job report shows and again reinforced the fact that economies do better under Democrats than Republicans. we're at the lowest unemployment rate in over 53 years.

remember that economy that was strong and given to Donald Trump and he claimed it was the strongest economy we ever had and then tanked it.
not only did Joe Biden inherit a weak economy and struggling country from Donald Trump but he's fixed the country
and now Joe Biden is seen over one of the strongest economies we've had in over 53 years

since 1969
the unemployment rates have not been this low since then
PBS NewsHour
The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1969. Here’s wh...
The unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent in September, the lowest since the Vietnam War. The economy added 134,00 jobs, fewer than expected because of losses from Hurricane Florence.
what more evidence do you need that the Democrats do a better job with the economy than Republicans

remember Donald Trump inherited his strong economy from the Democrats....

whenever Republicans tries to lie to you and say that the Republicans are the best for the economy then just point to the facts
Republicans want to ruin this country and I have enough evidence to prove it.

so it begs the question why do Republicans keep destroying the strong economies created by democrats
how come whenever Republicans take control all they do is pass tax cuts for the rich.

even the Republicans I argue with every day aren't even getting the benefits from the tax cuts of the Republicans.

your taxes just keep going up and they keep blaming on the Democrats even though it's their actions that do it.

Republicans are amazing at using their words but poor at showing what their actions cuz they don't care they're great at speeches they're great at crisis acting they're great at acting
the Republicans are great at grandstanding and lying to their Sheap base.

it's time to wake up smell the coffee and understand that they're all about themselves and enriching themselves and pushing their Christian morals when this country is a Melting Pot of culture and religion
Republicans hate Social Security cuz it's socialism.

Republicans Healthcare and insurance because with healthcare insurance your healthy and you also probably are getting therapy    and acknowledging your mental illnesses and trying to get them under control and if you have them under control you're not following their lies
if your mental health is under control  you stop being so selfish and start thinking about the greater good
and I believe that's what religion was meant for in the beginning before it was hijacked by hostile actors.

I have never had a problem with my insurance covering anything until recently over the last 5 years
and that's because of Republicans same reason why my insulin prices are going through the roof because of Republicans
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