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the Goal of this Community
I want this to be a Discord and a site for people to discuss and understand how a power PC works I want this to be an area that will allow you guys to expand from it to PC game

I want everyone here to learn and understand more about programming

I don't want everyone to spend their time in a system that's going to die realize later in life they wasted all of their time and never learning anything
my goal here is to help you guys gain an understanding and understanding more
[Image: 4f22736614151ae463b63a5a78aac9d9.svg]
I look and see our youth as our future our programmers now will be tomorrow's geniuses we don't need all of the hate we need to learn to help each other and become a better plane

people just hate on each other make fun of each other and talk down to each other no one's ever get anywhere in life  at the moment your life should be about spreading knowledge and understanding

not profiting and hating

I hate to say it but the federal banking system that creates this Fiat of the money system that we have is another cogwheel in the Zionist machine to destroy America not just America but the entire planet and all economies and keep everyone down 

you know what the biggest F you to the man is becoming knowledgeable and understanding learning how your stuff works understanding how to fix it understanding what it is my major goal is to create understanding and create something good from the garbage that exists. for people to work together to create a better future!!!! for you to learn and become great!!

so come talk about soldering talk about programming help each other make hacking great again I want people to remember hacking was not about f****** each other over or money it was about integration and understanding and furthering one's knowledge base not defacing or defrauding someone not swatting or attack each other it's about the betterment of Technology 

and this site is about the betterment of Technology the understanding of how things work the future

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