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BFH website
to use this you must have configured the backend


here we will have the website set up and ready to use

and the uniserver (program similar to xampp)

but it's portable and works better

after download files you open uniserver and start apache and xampp

(uniserver are using root username and 1234 for pw (of databae) so you need to put this in env files of you backend)

open uniserver

go to "view www" to see the website and "phpMyadmin" to see the database

( I no need to learn how to create one account in the website.....)

after creating the website account

you need to get sessioniD to join the game

you find this in DB

"game_heroes" and seach for you game name

and copy the session id

And put in you .bat to start the game

website files :

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